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About Us

Want to know more about Yeg BackYard Cinema and the people behind it? Scroll down to find out!

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All About YegBacyardCinema

Yeg Backyard Cinema is a company started by two brothers in 2022. It all started in 2021/2022 when everyone was stuck at home. In order to forget about the ongoing situation (COVID 19), one of the siblings decided to set up a backyard cinema at his place to enjoy the outdoors with his family. As time went by and the  restrictions started to loosen, they invited family and friends for weekly movie nights. It quickly became an addiction for everyone and the only thing we were looking forward to throughout the week was getting together outside and watching sports games, movies, or shows. 

With the ongoing success and seeing how happy everyone was, the brothers decided to share this idea with the public by opening up YEG BACKYARD CINEMA. Their main goal is for people to enjoy time outside in the summer by providing a real cinema experience to them. 

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